Ziti Noodles VS Penne: Definition, Differences, And Dishes Featured Them


Ziti Noodles VS Penne

How many kinds of pasta noodles do you know? Have you known ziti noodles VS penne? If you are a pasta lover, you should know these kinds of noodles and this article is ready to help you.

Differences between Ziti Noodles VS Penne

Such as usual, you will know the differences between ziti noodles VS penne by definition. The ziti noodles are paste with a smooth texture in the shape of extruded and hollow. Exactly, the shape is short, with flat ends, and blunt cut. At glance, it resembles penne.

Ziti noodles originally come from Naples, Campania region, Italy. This pasta noodle now is available at the grocery stores. You can purchase it in unbroken ziti with a ten-in-long tube or packages of pre-broken ziti with inch-long individual noodles.

In addition, unbroken ziti noodles are needed to break by hand before cooking. Ziti noodles match recipes with thick, creamy sauces. It is caused the large size makes it prominent and the hollow shape can capture deliver sauce in each bite.

Commonly, ziti noodles are used in casserole-style baked dishes because of the smooth and thin walls. Ziti noodles VS penne say these characters make the dish soft and buttery in the oven.

Then, penne noodles are the pasta in the shape of short, thick, and extrude.  Penne noodles are originally from Genoa, Liguria region, Italy. The word penne comes from an Italian word meaning “quill” or pointed tips.

Exactly, penne means pen because the shape resembles a pen. By the way, each tip comes to a point because it is cut at a dramatic angle using a pasta maker. Penne matches recipes with thick cream sauces because the large size can prevent it from getting lost.

Meanwhile, the hollow shape can capture and deliver pasta sauce in every bite. Penne noodles are rarely used in spaghetti, carbonara, alfredo, or olive oil sauces. The reason is the noodles cannot properly hold thinner sauces.

Ziti Noodles VS penne adds both pasta noodles are available in the grocery store. But, you can make it homemade for the fresh pasta, and an impressive experience.

4 Points As The Differences between Ziti And Penne

Ziti noodles VS penne have collected 4 essential things to differentiate these kinds of pasta easily. It includes end shape, texture, width, and use.

End Shape

Ziti noodles are made with a rectangular shape and a square-angle cut. Meanwhile, penne is made in a pointed shape with an angled cut.


The texture of ziti noodles is often smooth but you might find ridged versions of the tubular pasta. Penne also comes in ridged or smooth but the ridged texture is often found in North American grocery stores.


Ziti noodles are generally larger than penne. The width becomes the essential key to knowing about ziti VS penne.


In this case, this article refers to the traditional ziti recipe and it is often called a casserole-style dish. The dish is cooked with a quick boiling technique and then tosses the noodles with sauce.

Afterward, ziti noodles are ready to bake in the oven. By the way, this cooking technique gives some advantages such as wide, smooth walls, soft, and buttery.

Penne recipes usually take fresh pasta dishes and it is started by boiling the penne to al-dente. Next, you should toss the penne with sauce before serving. Ziti noodles VS penne add the cooking technique gives some advantages include firm texture and al-dente quality meal.

Dishes Featuring Ziti And Penne

Let’s talk about pasta by knowing the dishes featuring ziti and penne noodles. There are three recipes for ziti noodles and four recipes for penne noodles such as below:

Ziti Noodles Recipes

Three famous baked ziti noodles include:

Ziti And Cheese

It is the first ziti noodle recipe for an Italian-American take. You can use ziti to substitute the baked macaroni and cheese recipe.

Pasta Al Forno

Pasta al Forno is Italian pasta to the oven as a cheesy baked casserole dish. You will cook ziti noodles along with ground beef or Italian sausage, tomato sauce, and melted mozzarella cheese. In addition, you can change the melted mozzarella cheese with ricotta cheese when you make Italian lasagna.

Eggplant Ziti

The last is an eggplant ziti noodle recipe. Ziti noodles VS penne say eggplant is a popular substitute for meat in Italian recipes for vegetarians.

The boiled ziti noodles are used to toss baked cubed eggplant along with the sauce. Afterward, the dish can be topped in the oven with Parmesan cheese to give a vegetarian casserole flavor.

Penne Noodles Recipes

Chunky Marinara

A chunky marinara recipe can use long and thin spaghetti noodles or penne noodles. However, the spaghetti noodle is suitable for thin marinara sauces. Meanwhile, the penne noodles prefer to match the thicker sauces because the pasta keeps standing out and will not get outshined or lost.

Penne all arrabbiata

The word “Arrabbiata” in Italy means “angry” or “fiery” and it refers to the hot chilies in “Pasta all arrabbiata”. Arrabbiata is a name of sauce that comes from Rome, Italy. Nowadays, penne all’arrabbiata becomes a famous dish in the world as a spicy alternative using a standard marinara sauce.

Pasta Salads

Ziti noodles VS penne explain the penne noodles match to use in American pasta salad recipes. In this case, the penne noodles have a strong character to maintain the structure of salads. Pasta salads need it when the noodles are tossed with meats, vegetables, and cheese.

Penne Alla Vodka

Penne noodles are extremely suitable with thick vodka sauces. It is because the chunky sauce can be absorbed and trapped in the hollow noodles.

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Final Words

The differences between ziti and penne noodles are clear here because this post reveals them in detail. You have known the definition of noodles, the differences between the four keys, and the dishes. Of course, you will find more recipes in the future or create the recipe.

Either ziti or penne are two famous Italian dishes with a lot of fans. Unfortunately, people often cannot differentiate these kinds of pasta because the shape is almost similar. However, ziti noodles VS penne today truly makes everything clear so you can enjoy them without feeling guilty.