9 Best Noodle for Mac and Cheese Worth To Try!


Best Noodle for Mac and Cheese

Have you been familiar with the term Mac and Cheese? You have probably known cheese but what does Mac actually stand for? If you think Mac deals with the tech-devices, you are not false but Mac is different in the world’s most popular cuisine.

Mac stands for macaroni. See? If you are fond of eating, Mac is just one of your daily meals. However, to make a perfect mac and cheese yourself, you need to know the right ingredients and cooking steps. Therefore, this article will show you the best noodle for mac and cheese.

9 Best Noodles for Mac and Cheese

In our list, there are 9 best noodles you can use to cook mac and cheese. Here we share them along with the explanation to allow you for the noodle product descriptions.

Elbow / Straight Macaroni

Most mac and cheese recipe will use macaroni. In this way, elbow macaroni is favorable and fun to eat for children. That is because elbow macaroni has unique shape. Elbow macaroni is a type of noodles shaped like cylinder, making it good to go with creamy cheese. Their have also ideal size at which the children easily bite.

Shell Pasta

Shell pasta offers a lighter version of noodles in mac and cheese menu. It is a great option that has many different sizes. Hence, it becomes easily favorable among noodles enthusiasts as they can choose their own preferred sizes.

If you choose the bigger sizes, you need more times to cook them. That’s why you need to take its sizes into consideration. Shell pasta also holds cheese sauce or cream easily due to the ideal shape. According to some people who usually consume shell pasta, watery sauce of cheese is very much suitable. However, it seems that only shell pasta will be nice with the watery sauce as not all pasta will be fine with it.

Well, for different consistencies, shell pasta is just a great option.


Like elbow macaroni, cavatappi is good for mac and cheese. Compared to macaroni, cavatappi has bigger size and delicious taste. However, cavatappi needs more times to cook. Cavatappi is favorable among children and adults as it is more filling. In the other words, you don’t have to eat much to feel full.

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If you have been in Italy, you must have been familiar with Farfalle which is popularly known as bow ties. However, only a few people dare to consume this noodle due to its flat shape. The flat shape often makes them slipped off the fork. Yes, Farfalle is not easy to eat with fork. There is only one thing that contribute to why people like it. Their shape makes them easy to hold cheese and vegetables.

One more tip: eat Farfalle with spoon and you will find it fine.


Another best noodle for mac and cheese you may consider using is Fusilli. It can actually go great for your mac and cheese as it is easy to eat with both spoon and fork. Further, this kind of noodle is great get all the cheese sauce on.

For cooking, Fusilli can cook more quickly especially if you want the light version. Fusilli noodles look very attractive for children, too.

Funky Shapes Pasta

There are many kinds of noodles for mac and cheese dish, one of which is funky shapes pasta. This noodle is a popular choice for children as it can hold much more sauce than the other types of noodles. It even makes a fantastic bite any time and tastes even better.


Penne is the most popular noodle for mac and cheese. There is comparison when it comes to penne. It has thick texture and more filling so you can feel easily full without adding extra portion. Penne is easy to find in the local town stores. In the noodles categories, Penne is classified into straight pasta that has cylindrical shape.

Penne will attract the cheese sauce or cream to get inside. They mix well and easy to enjoy. As Penne offers a pleasant chewy texture, people today start to love adding it to their cheese and mac dishes.

Rotini Pasta

Rotini is noted to be similar to Fusilli noodles. The big difference is just about the size. Rotini pasta has smaller size. It is also thinner. However, it is faster to cook. Compared to Fusilli, Rotini Pasta is scarcer. You cannot find them easily. But once you find it, one thing to come up on your mind is the fact that you will use it to make mac and cheese for your families.


The last but not least noodle for mac and cheese is Tagliatelle. It is a flat and thin pasta but can be so tasty for mac and cheese. However, the flat surface makes the children difficult to eat. Truly, they are not only having significant length but also slippery. Moreover, the sauce cannot stick to them.

The Best Partners Ro Serve with Mac and Cheese

Cooking the best mac and cheese must require you to pair it with the best companion, right? For the best result and the most tasteful mac and cheese, you can enjoy it with a fresh salad like tomatoes and cucumbers.

Anytime you cook mac and cheese, don’t forget that tomatoes and cucumbers are perfect to match ma and cheese. Yes, the combination will create such a cheesy taste on your mac and cheese. Later, just free up your imagination to find the best partners for mac and cheese.

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Final Words

Once you know the best noodle for mac and cheese, it is concluded that mac and cheese can be your regular dish which is children-friendly. As mac and cheese noodle is a comfort food, you dint have to take longer tine in the kitchen. Just choose one of the best noodles we shared and make your own mac and cheese for your families. In this regard, it is highly recommended that you eat the noodle with calm.