6 Ramen Noodle Healthy Alternatives Worth To Try


Bobonoodle.com – One reason why we should find and consider Ramen Noodle healthy alternatives is the fact that Ramen is dangerous. Ramen is the Japanese instant noodles which are super quick to cook, easy to get and very much delicious. Ramen has likely become an everyday meal in every home today. These instant noodles save lots of time and energy, suiting busy people who fully work and have no time for cooking.

Ramen Noodle Healthy Alternatives
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On this article, you will be explained why Ramen is dangerous and why we should find its alternative. We’ll also share the best alternatives to Ramen so you can cook your favorite noodles without feeling worry anymore.

Why Ramen Is Dangerous?

No matter how easy and super tasty the noodles, Ramen’s dark side is too risky for human health. Ramen, in this case, contains a high amount of TBHG (Tertiary Butylhydroquinone) and MSG (Monosoidum Glutamate) as well as saturated fat. Besides, Ramen also contains preservatives. It is low in protein, too.

See, a high ammount of additives and preservatives is not good for human health especially if Ramen is consumed every day. Human body will react directly when consuming High TBHG and MSG. headache, sweating, quick fluttering heartbeats, weakness and more.

Therefore, people especially children and adults with health conscious and weight watchers must avoid eating Ramen every day. In fact, the addictive taste makes people want more ramen.

So what to do then? The best way to avoid Ramen is to find the Ramen Noodle healthy alternatives. Of course, some Ramen alternatives are healthier and delicious. A few brands have produced the healthier version of your tasty instant noodles.

Ramen Noodle Healthy Alternatives

To enrich you with the information about how to avoid Ramen, here are some alternatives to Ramen instant noodles which are healthier for your regular diet.

1. Bamnut Noodles

Bamnut noodles are made from highly sustainable crops such as Bambara groundnut. This ramen alternative contains plant-based protein. These noodles are chewy and springy to consume every day. They are also free from any man-made food coloring, sweeteners, dangerous MSG, flavours, addictive, and preservatives.

What’s more?

Bamnut noodles are guilt-free air-fried noodle option, making them ideal for people who are in tight weight-loss program. The noodles are regarded having rich protein, low fat and free cholesterol. The common additions to the noodles are usually sesame and garlic seasoning along with the shroom pepper seasoning.

2. Moringa Noodles

The second alterative to Ramen instant noodle is Moringa noodles. This ramen alterative also plant-based noodles which are crispy and appetizing. Their colors are derived from Moringa leaves extracts. Moringa noodles offer green option which means the noodles are healthily made from green plants. Yes, a good quality of herbs and spices are the example of healthy content. These herbs and spices are the source of the noodles’ flavor. Moringa noodles are free from MSG, hence, you can consume it everyday without feeling worry about its effect to your body.

The noodles’ taste is sourced from sesame and green tea. In this way, green tea provides herbs aroma to the noodles. Further, Moringa noodles are rich in calcium, iron, vitamin A and potassium. In short, these noodles are environment-friendly which become a must-have item in your cooking storage.

3. Rice Noodles

Other Ramen Noodle healthy alternative is rice noodles. Rice noodles are not only healthy but also tasty. As the name suggest, rice noodles are made from white rice. Therefore, they have different shape like spaghetti and vermicelli. Rice noodles have slippery texture. They are not springy.

Rice noodles are known to have high in Manganese. It is a vital mineral to help reduce inflammation and regulate blood in human body. Luckily, you can add your lovely ingredients to your rice noodles.

4. Gluten-Free Ramen Noodles

Some people are still wondering whether there is a type of ramen which is a healthy option. Well, the answer is gluten-free ramen noodles. Gluten-free ramen noodles are made of brown rice, white rice, millets and forbidden rice instead of wheat flour. There are also some other ingredients added to these noodles such as tapioca, potatoes, brown rice flour, beans and more.

What’s more?

Gluten-free ramen noodles contains high fiber and extra nuttiness. Well, in general, they taste even better than the common ramen.

5. Soba Noodles

One better healthy instant noodles is Soba Noodles. These kinds of noodles are made from buckwheat which is the popular ingredients in Japanese meals. Soba noodles look brown in color. Besides, Soba Noodles are naturally gluten free. You can consume these noodles both in cold and hot dishes.
Soba Noodles have nutty and earthy flavor. They are also rich in protein and fiber. Soba Noodles are usually available in groceries. And, the cheap versions are also available. One tips to purchase Soba Noodles is reading the label and find whether it is gluten-free.

6. Shirataki Noodles

In the world of Japanese noodles, Shirataki is one of the popular choices available. These noodles are made from konjac starch, a Japanese root vegetable. These noodles are thicker and transparent. They also low in carbs, hence, they are one of the healthy options to alternate Ramen.

Shirataki noodles are featuring keto-friendly which means that they are suitable for those who follow keto diet. Like ramen, Shirataki noodles are easy and fast to prepare. They have similar texture and taste to Ramen.

Final Words

Finally, we may imply that some Ramen Noodle healthy alternatives are healthy and no-risk to human body. They are not only healthy, in fact, but also tasty. Though Ramen is very much delicious and money-saving, it is regarded dangerous to human body due to the high amount of addictive and preservative used.

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Hence, some other healthy options are available to alternate the noodles. With those alternatives, you can find not only healthy meals but also some health benefits. In this case, most of the Ramen alternatives are gluten-free and contains no addictive or preservative.

At last, we would say that you had better consume Ramen alternatives to keep living healthy.