Wonder Noodles Review Get Everything to Know


Wonder Noodles Review

Bobonoodle.com – Welcome to our Wonder Noodles review and get everything to know about this recommended meal. Though some people say it is so tasteless, but you will find it great to taste every day. Only if you are smart enough in combining what to eat along with the noodle, you can make it tasteful.

Now you must be wondering how it is and how it tastes, so take your ten minutes to stay here checking out the Wonder Noodles description and depiction.

Product Description

Wonder Noodles come with 3 pack Fettucine containing 6 inner pouches including water, yam fiber, oat fiber and lime. All is packed forming a favorite guilt-free pasta. Wonder Noodles provide some pasta alternatives with low crab, fat, sugar and calory content.

Wonder Noodles are vegan friendly. That means that the product is very much suitable for people eating veggies. It comes even wit zero calory, making it the best choice for losing weight and for those with food intolerances.

There is no time to waste since preparing Wonder Noodles takes only two minutes. It is preferable to enjoy Wonder Noodles by microwaving it in a heatproof bowl for two minutes, as we have mentioned. And, simply strain and add your favorite sauce. Well, it is just an ideal meal when you are on the go.


As we have stated, Wonder Noodles’ ingredients include water, yam flour, lime and oat flour. It contains no carbs and no calory. It is best described that Wonder Noodles are healthy, tasty and easy to prepare. Up to now, it is considered as the better meal options to stay healthy due to the ingredients.

Cooking Instructions

Based on our Wonder Noodles review, it is pretty easy to cook Wonder Noodles. In this way, most people like to cook the noodles through the following instructions:

  1. Pour the noodles into a sieve. Let them drain off.
  2. Rinse the noodles under the cold water and move them a bit.
  3. Put the noodle into a separate glass bowl.
  4. To remove the unpleasant smell, you can use lime juice. Add about 1 teaspoon to a single serve package.
  5. Leave about two minutes and rinse again using cod water.
  6. Leave aside.
  7. Preheat a skillet and add 1 tablespoon fat such as butter or coconut oil. Then, add the noodles.
  8. Stir well.

If these steps are too complicated, we have much simpler way of enjoying eating Wonder Noodles. Here are the very short steps:

  1. Microwave the noodles in a heatproof bowl for about two minutes.
  2. Strain the noodles.
  3. Add it to your sauce or soup.

How Does Wonder Noodles Taste?

Now you must be wondering how Wonder Noodles taste, right? Well, some people say it is so tasteless. Yes, it is true. It doesn’t even taste much like anything. It tastes like the regular pasta. The noodles are just very neutral.

Now a big question is; how will you enjoy eating it?

Basically, its taste depends on whatever sauce you use. As we have mentioned in the last cooking instructions Wonder Noodles, the noodles can be added to your sauce or soup. This means that you can enjoy eating the noodles by adding it to your favorite sauce or soup. As simple as that.

Nutrition Facts

According to the source of information about Wonder Noodles nutrition facts, the nutrition facts per serving size of 3.5 oz which is the same with 100 grams, it contains only 8% of fiber and 2% of calcium. This way, the noodles are vegan friendly. No carbs, no fat and no sugar.

Where to Buy Wonder Noodles

Wonder noodles are available mostly in supermarkets. They are usually displayed in a wide variety of package. The prices depend on the pack’s size. Today, people can buy Wonder Noodles on some online markets like Ebay and Amazon.

Questions and Answer about Wonder Noodles

In a Wonder Noodles review, there are also some questions about the product. Here are the frequently asked questions about Wonder Noodles:

  • What fiber is found in Wonder Noodles?

The noodles contain yam fiber which is like the common yam you find in the United States.

  • Is it required to consume within 24 hours after being unpacked?

Wonder noodles have three bags of noodles. Once you open an individual bag, you must consume it within 24 hours. This is due to the fact that the noodles’ freezing and reheating capabilities are not so good.

  • What is your suggestion of the product after it has been opened?

It is highly recommended that you refrigerate the noodles after opening, if you don’t want to consume it soon.

Benefits of Consuming Wonder Noodles

Wonder Noodles may have a number of health benefits depending on the individuals. In this way, consuming Wonder Noodles can be much of advantage as follows:

  • Used As A Food Substitute

People with dietary restrictions can take Wonder Noodles to substitute their food. In particular, Wonder Noodles can be good to replace egg noodles, wheat noodles and pasta. As Wonder Noodle contains no wheat, no gluten and no egg, they are very good for people who have some food intolerance or food allergy.

  • Reaching Moderate Weight

Consuming Wonder Noodles can also help reach a moderate weight due to the fiber content. Besides, these noodles are low calorie and low carbohydrate, making it good to promote loose weight program. Further, people with obesity and overweight can have a feeling of fullness by consuming Wonder Noodles.

  • Reducing Markers of Diabetes and Cholesterols

Due to the content of Glucomannan Fiber, the noodles can help reduce the markers of diabetes and lower the cholesterols by prompting the liver to release the cholesterol-containing bile. This way, the body eliminates it through the bowel movements.

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Final Words

Finally, it is clear in our Wonder Noodles review that this kind of food is healthy. It is also highly recommended to consume as daily meal. Further, the easy way of cooking it makes it easy for everyone who loves simple way of cooking.