Soba Noodle Bowl Panera Review with How Does It Taste?


Soba Noodle Bowl Panera Review – If you want to enjoy eating meatless meal without the need to sacrifice flavor, or if you want to eat something tasty as delicious as to eat meat, go for Soba Noodle Bowl Panera. This meal option can be an excellent choice to enjoy the tasty meals even without meat or chicken. So, either for vegetarian or for vegan, Soba Noodle Bowl Panera is flavorful enough to keep you feel full.

Soba Noodle Bowl Panera Review

Let’s go further for a Soba Noodle Bowl Panera review we are presenting right now and get the valuable information about what to consume well in the future. Yes, we come with some sections about the topic including the history how Soba Noodle Bowl becomes a great option, the types of Soba Noodles, the taste, nutrition facts, the reason why to choose it and the pricing.

So here are the full review of Soba Noodle Bowl Panera:


Talking about meals in the winter of cold season will always be interesting. Yes, meals are great to get rid of the coldness, aren’t they? It was so, Panera introduced their new broth bowls in the early 2015, right in the middle of the winter. This is how a restaurant offered an idea to warm up from the cold by enjoying a bowl of noodles and veggies.

Further, people are asking for healthy meals especially the vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Hence, Soba Noodle Bowl Panera was introduced in four different options. Two of which are with chicken and another two are without. This was a happy news.

Different Types of Soba Noodle Bowls Panera

As we have mentioned, there are four different options available and offered by Soba Noodles Bowl. Two are with chicken and the other two are without. Here are the brief differences:

  • Soba Noodle Bowl with Chicken

This type of Soba Noodle Bowl is made with not only antibiotic-free chicken but also soba buckwheat noodles, fresh spinach, napa cabbage blend, roasted mushroom, onion, sesame seeds, and cilantro in umami soy-miso broth.

  • Soba Noodle Bowl with Edamame

Soba Noodle Bowl with Edamame comes with the combination consisting of say-based miso soup, soba buckwheat noodles, sesame seeds, napa cabbage and fire-roasted edamame.

  • Lentil Quinoa Bowl with Chicken

This bowl has many things inside. They are antibiotic-free chicken, organic quinoa and organic brown rice, lentil blend, tomato sofrito, fresh kale, and spinach with a lemon in umami soy-miso broth.

  • Vegan Lentil Quinoa Broth Bowl

This type of Soba Noodle Bowl is made with with soy-based miso soup (same as the other), along with protein-filled quinoa and lentils, tomato sofrito, kale, and more.

How Does Soba Noodle Bowl Panera Taste?

According to our Soba Noodle Bowl Panera review, the noodles are great to go with chicken or seafood. However, they are also working well with vegetables. That’s why, the noodle is considered versatile and perfect for being a bowl of meals in the winter.

To enjoy Soba Noodle Bowl Panera perfectly, add unami soy-miso broth with a bit heat to create a light flavor. This is an option for vegetarian-based broth at which you can miss out beef and chicken flavor in the bowl. Citrus and pepper blend are the seasoning added to the Soba Noodle bowl. In this bowl option, all the vegetables will taste great and delicious. In short, Soba Noodle bowl Panera is just an interesting option that everyone can take into their daily menu.

Are The Noodles Healthy to Consume?

As we have told, Soba Noodle Bowl Panera is vegan and vegetarian friendly. It comes with fishless broth. It is a vegan-broth bowl that is the best choice to enjoy along with soba buckwheat noodles, fire-roasted edamame (or chicken), sesame seeds, and napa cabbage. These companions are added to reduce the use of wheat-based grains.

Soba Noodle Bowl Panera is a good option to eat just like the other vegan-friendly options such as Vegetarian Black Bean Soup, Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich (minus the feta), Peach and Blueberry Smoothie with Almond Milk, and the Modern Greek Salad with Quinoa minus feta).

Soba Noodle Bowl Panera is healthy to consume. The buckwheat contained in the noodle bowl is much beneficial for handling the blood sugar, heart health, cancer prevention and inflammation. The noodles are even healthier than the white rice. They are packed with nutrients such as protein which is good for your body.

Why Soba Noodle Bowl Panera

Why should you consider Soba Noodle Bowl Panera? One answer; it is an excellent option for lunch or dinner. It provides many different options for vegans and even meat-eaters alike. Further, the price is affordable.

The noodles are worth it! It is packed with rich ingredients and unique way of flavor blend.

Nutrients Facts

Based on our Soba Noodle Bowl Panera review, the Soba noodles bowl with chicken has some nutrition facts packed in a bowl. They are the 390 calories, 9 g fat, 1340 mg sodium, 47 g carbs and 31 g protein. Meanwhile, other bowl with edamame has 370 calories, 12 g fat, 1340 mg sodium and 52 g carbs as well as 17 g protein.


Soba Noodles Bowl Panera has an affordable price. In this way, the price can be different depending on the location. However, in general, the noodles is priced at $7.99 up to $9.49. This price is not as expensive as some fast-food options. Well, for a delicious meal, this price is just considered standard.

Final Words

What about now? Our Soba Noodle Bowl Panera review is clear that Soba Noodles soup is an excellent option to enjoy in the winter. It is an excellent choice either with chicken or edamame. For your meatless day, you can surely opt for vegan-friendly option which is healthy and yummy.

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Now you won’t be curious anymore about Soba Noodles Bowl Panera, will you? This delicious meal is healthy for anyone else around the world. Note, if you want to miss out the meat or chicken flavor, then you can just opt for the vegetarian friendly option.