Vermicelli VS Glass Noodles: Definition, Nutrition, And Diet Weight Loss Program


Have you ever traveled to East Asia like China, Korea, or Japan? You might find other kinds of noodles that you have never seen in Europe or the United States before. Vermicelli VS glass noodles will be an interesting topic to discuss today.

Vermicelli VS Glass Noodles

Vermicelli VS Glass Noodles: Definition And Shape

Vermicelli is also called rice noodle because the main ingredient is white rice flour. It is also available dried or fresh. The rice flour makes the noodles change into white when cooking.

However, it is sometimes added with cornstarch or tapioca in the making process. The additional ingredients are aimed to make a chewy texture and more transparent look. Vermicelli also comes in various types based on the main ingredient:

  • Refined flour
  • Semolina
  • Soya
  • Sweet potato
  • millets

What are glass noodles?  The glass noodles are made from mung bean starch, tapioca, or potato starch. It is also popular as cellophane noodles.  Another characteristic of the glass noodles is the translucent appearance when cooked as it does not use food color.

Vermicelli VS glass noodles are also seen from the shape of both. The rice noodles are available in various shapes such as spaghetti, slender long strands, flat like fettuccine, or just like pasta. Meanwhile, the glass noodles’ shapes can be thin, long strands, or flat sheets.

Nutrition of Vermicelli And Glass Noodles

What do the nutrition of vermicelli and glass noodles? Vermicelli noodles contain carbs and mall amounts of protein and fats. These noodles are also fortified with low micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

The good news about vermicelli noodles is these rice noodles are gluten-free. Even, it keeps gluten-free as long as the other ingredients of the dish are also gluten-free. Opposite of it, glass noodles are rich in nutrients.

The glass noodles are gluten-free and rich in carbs (made up of starch) and some micronutrients. It is such as niacin, calcium, selenium, and iron. However, vermicelli VS glass noodles state these noodles just have little protein and fat.

Culinary Uses

The rice or vermicelli noodles are often used in stir fry, soup, and salad. You can cook it using several ways. You can soak the rice flour using boiled water to soften it or oil it like cooking pasta.

In addition, vermicelli noodles are suitable to cook by deep frying. Meanwhile, the glass noodles prefer to match make salads or stir-fries. You can cook it by soaking it to reconstitute or deep frying it.

These cellophane noodles have an almost bland taste and may be a bit starchy. Therefore, it often relies on the flavor of the mixed ingredients.

Calories In Vermicelli And Glass Noodles

Next, this article wants to speak about the calorie contained in either vermicelli or glass noodles. The rice noodles contain 192 calories and it includes high and suits for diet. Nonetheless, these noodles keep giving pros and cons.

Pros Of Vermicelli

Vermicelli VS glass noodles explain the rice noodles with 192 calories caused by the main ingredients. Then, it often becomes the main ingredient in some Chinese foods like hor fun, mee hoon, and kuey teow. Well, the following are the pros of vermicelli:

  • Vermicelli noodles contain phosphorus to keep your bones stronger. Phosphorus is also useful to organize your energy levels and filter the waste in your kidneys.
  • It matches people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. This case is caused by the main ingredient in rice flour, not wheat flour. Additionally, tapioca starch is also gluten-free so it does not affect people with a gluten-sensitive issues.
  • The dried version of vermicelli in one cup does not only contain about 192 calories. However, it still contains 44 grams of carbohydrates and 0.4 grams of total fat.

Cons Of Vermicelli

There are some points related to the cons of vermicelli noodles such as below:

  • Vermicelli noodles are most sold pre-cooked and soaked in an oil pack. It means you need to rinse them to separate as much of the oil before putting them in your soup.
  • Oil is useful to make noodles that do not stick together. Even though, you never know what kind of oil is used to soak the noodles.

The best thing is by choosing the dried uncooked version because it often does not has additional oil. But, the nutritional value may change because of your cooking and eating style. Frying rice noodles only makes these noodles contain more fats.

Pros Of Glass Noodles

The glass noodles contain a few calories (160 calories) but it keeps contributing pros and cons. Vermicelli VS glass noodles have summarized below:

  • The glass noodles are the same as vermicelli as they are gluten-free.

Cons Of Glass Noodles

The glass noodles just seem healthier but it has the same amount of calories. Even, it just contains many carbohydrates with fewer nutrients. By the way, it looks healthier than other noodles because the taste is very light and springy.

According to both calorie insides, vermicelli VS glass noodles are not suitable for weight loss. Moreover, the process of cooking affects to remove the value of nutrition. Nonetheless, these kinds of noodles are better and healthier than instant noodles.

Which one is better rice and noodle? You cannot value which one is healthier because either rice or noodle is the staple food in some countries. When noodle becomes the main food, it is made from good ingredients and good processes.

Of course, it cannot be compared to instant noodles and rice. Meanwhile, vermicelli and glass noodles are made with natural ingredients without additional food color and other chemical essences.

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Final Words

Vermicelli and glass noodles are the staple foods in East Asia with rich carbs. These noodles have clear differences in the ingredient, nutrition, and dishes. Nonetheless, both contain high calories so they cannot be used in diet programs such as weight loss.

However, vermicelli and glass noodles come with pros and cons because they are layered with oil. Therefore, it is important to know how to cook it and mix it with healthier ingredients. Thank you for reading vermicelli VS glass noodles until finish!