Linguine VS Fettuccine Noodles In Detail: It Is Important To Know!


Italian food is not only well-known for pizza but also for spaghetti noodles or pasta. Foodies or food lovers should know about various types of spaghetti noodles. At this time, you are invited to understand linguine VS fettuccine noodles.

Linguine VS Fettuccine Noodles

Linguine VS Fettuccine Noodles: Why Do You Should Know It?

Why should you understand linguine VS fettuccine noodles? Most people just know that spaghetti or pasta only has one type. Meanwhile, it comes in various names and shapes.

Two of them are linguine and fettuccine. Both types are often chosen as favorite menus in different parts of the world. Differentiating both kinds of pasta likely cannot be taken from one factor (shape). But, it has a lot of factors to differentiate between linguine and fettuccine such as the definition, ingredients, and many others.

Definition Linguine And Fettuccine

The linguine VS fettuccine pasta starts the topic of the day from the definition. They are:


Linguine originates from the Liguria region of northern Italy. The shape of the noodle is slightly oval cross-section or slightly curved.

Exactly, it is the long and almost flat spaghetti type but a much narrower pasta than fettuccine. Linguine noodles are usually paired with light sauces such as pesto, clam, and fish sauces, and sauces with olive oil or butter as a base.


Fettuccine originates in Tuscany or Rome and derives from the phrase meaning “little ribbons” in Italian. Compared to linguine, this pasta is much wider and thicker though not nearly as wide as tagliatelle or pappardelle. The linguine VS fettuccine noodles explains it pairs well with heavier sauces such as a creamy tomato-based sauce and Alfredo sauce.

Linguine VS Fettuccine Noodles: Ingredient

Next, this topic will differentiate the linguine and fettuccine according to the ingredients. Linguine is a kind of noodle typically about 1/8” inch wide (3mm) and can be made with water and white plain flour.

But Barilla and De Cecco use semolina flour to hold their shape. Semolina is one of the wheat types with high fiber and nutrients.

Meanwhile, fettuccine is often made with semolina. Nonetheless, the noodle with a flat shape is 6- 9 mm wide and also can be made with durum wheat and egg. By the way, the use of egg becomes the difference between linguine and fettuccine.

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Typical Dishes Of Linguine And Fettucine

Due to both plates of pasta having different ingredients people also serve these dishes in a different ways. Linguine VS fettuccine noodles show they have different toppings or compliments.

Linguine Noodles

The character of linguine is lighter than fettuccine as it is made without eggs. Linguine is often found in Sicily, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast. This dish is often served with seafood such as shrimp, lobsters, shellfish, fish, or mussels.

According to the character of the noodle, it prefers fit with seafood than fattier meats like pork and beef. Linguine is also suitable for served with sauteed cherry tomatoes and garlic, fresh basil leaves (toping), Aglio e olio, clams or calamari, pesto sauce, or plain tomato sauce.

Fettuccine Noodles

Different from linguine (preferred suit for warmer climes), fettuccine is ideal for a colder climate. This pasta is more suitable and served with pork and beef (ribs) with hearty thick sauces. In this case, you can use ragu Bolognese, meat sauces, and Alfredo cheesy sauce.

Linguine VS fettuccine noodles mentions this spaghetti pasta matches with heavy sauces like that. Even, Alfredo cheesy sauces can give a flavor combo and become one of the most popular dishes in Italy.

How To Make Linguine VS Fettuccine Noodles At home

Making linguine at home is more difficult than fettuccine as it is more than blending the water and flour to make the dough. However, it is more about how to retain a slightly oval shape and the right amount of flatness.

At least, you need to roll out the dough before cutting it into 3-4mm strips. By the way, you can make flat linguine using a pasta maker. Besides that, you can use a machine to round the spaghetti and use your hand at flattening the noodles.

Further, it is about how to make fettuccine noodles at home. Once more, making this kind of pasta is easier and more fun than making linguine noodles. Linguine VS fettuccine noodles said it is just making dough with flour and egg.

Then, you will roll out the dough to form a flat sheet after resting it. Next, cut the sheet into long strips about a quarter of an inch or 6 mm wide. Afterward, your fettuccine is ready to cook and served with other complements and toppings.

Summary Points in Linguine VS Fettucine Noodles

You might need a clearer explanation of both pasta noodles. This post tries to make you more understand by giving some important points. Here are the summary points of linguine VS fettuccine noodles:

  • Linguine is flatter (3 mm) than fettuccine (6-9mm). Fettuccine has a flat surface and linguine is oval in cross-section.
  • Linguine uses water to make the dough while fettuccine uses egg.
  • Linguine can use whole-wheat flour, almond flour, potato flour, white plain flour, or semolina flour.
  • Fettuccine can use semolina flour or durum wheat.
  • Fettuccine is broader than linguine noodles.
  • The narrow shape makes linguine more delicate than fettuccine.
  • Linguine is more suitable with light sauces while fettuccine is more suitable with heavy sauces (cream) or thick sauces (Bolognese).
  • Linguine prefers match paired with seafood and fettuccine is ideal served with beef or pork (meat).
  • Broccoli and Alfredo cheesy sauce are the better option for fettuccine and linguine noodle is more suitable with drained spinach.
  • Linguine is suitable to serve in a warmer climate such as in Southern Italy while fettuccine matches colder climate regions.
  • Fettuccine is easy to make at home while linguine is more challenging.
  • Linguine is healthier than fettuccine because this noodle just uses thin sauces and light oils.

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Final Words

There are many differences between linguine and fettuccine after it is summarized in point form. However, linguine VS fettuccine noodles looks real from the shape and the thickness. Nonetheless, both have current tastes and everyone can enjoy them every time.