Panera Chicken Noodle Soup Review and How To Make It

Panera Chicken Noodle Soup Review

If you want to try different taste of chicken noodle soup instantly, take this Panera Chicken Noodle Soup review and find the most recommended Panera option. Panera chicken noodle soup offers a microwave cup that you can easily prepare and eat while you are on the go.

This chicken noodle soup is made with curly egg noodles and featuring tender chunks of chicken simmered with sliced celery and carrots which are well-seasoned forming a homestyle chicken broth. Surely, this soup will offer the most delicious taste.

On this review, we will share any information about Panera Chicken Noodle including the product information, nutrition facts, ingredients, cooking instructions, and another way to make the noodles.

About Panera Chicken Noodle Soup

As we have mentioned earlier, Panera Chicken Noodle soup is a microwave cup of instant noodle you can prepare fast and eat simply. As the name suggest, the Panera Chicken Noodle has homestyle chicken broth. One thing you need to know about the chicken noodle is the fact that it doesn’t contain any antibiotics. This implies that the noodles are healthy to consume.

Hence, you can enjoy a warm cup of Panera chicken noodle in your busy schedule. How easy to make it ready only in 2 or 3 minutes even without boiling. May people store some cups of Panera Chicken Noodle soup in their refrigerator and make them the delicious meal anytime.

Nutrition Facts

In a bowl of serving size, Panera chicken noodle soup cup contains some nutrients. The calories are 160 and the fat calories are 45. The total fat is 5g consisting of 1.5g saturated fat and zero trans fat. The cholesterol is 110mg while the sodium is 1400mg.

The total carbohydrates are 19g. The dietary fiber is 3g while the sugars are 2g. There is protein content which is 14g. Vitamin A and Calcium are 24% and 4%. There is no vitamin C in the ingredients. All percent daily values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet.

Well, this Panera nutrition fact information is sourced from Panera. So, it is as accurate as we may think of.


It is much recommended that we check the ingredients of a food product before we eat it. This is to ensure that what you eat is healthy and you don’t take any risk related with your allergies. In this way, Panera Chicken Noodle soup ingredients include water, pasta, carrots, onions, celery., sea salt, natural flavor, chicken fat, chicken stock, sugar, sorn starch, yeast extract, acacia and xanthan gum, organic canola oil, thyme, turmeric, parsley, onion powder and nisin preparation as well as spice.

Now you can tell yourself if you are prohibited to consume one of the ingredients above.

Cooking Instructions

The Panera Chicken Noodle Soup review we share here is including the cooking instructions based on the product package. Now if you have already had this Panera chicken noodle soup in your refrigerator, apply the following steps to cook it.

Use Stove-Top Method:

  1. For heating, remove the lid and film of the Panera chicken noodle cup product.
  2. Pour the soup into the pan and heat about 165 degrees.
  3. Remember! Don’t boil.

Use Microwave Method:

  1. Remove the lid and film and place the cup on the plate.
  2. Then, cover it. Heat it for about 3-4 minutes and stir halfway.
  3. Let the noodle stand in the microwave for 1 minute.
  4. Remove the plate carefully as the container is very hot.

Another Way To Enjoy Eating Panera Chicken Noodle Soup

If you want to enjoy eating Panera chicken noodle soup differently, our Panera Chicken Noodle Soup review has an easy recipe for you to tray. No need to go to the restaurant for shopping the ingredients, as long as you have Panera chicken noodle soup cup and some other items in your refrigerator, you can make it fast.

Prepare the ingredients in your pantry before you start executing the recipe. Those are the vegetables (yellow onions, carrots, celery and garlic), dried spices (bay leaves, sea salt, black pepper, turmeric and onion powder), chicken broth, meat (usually the skinless chicken breast), and pasta. For pasta, use 4 cups of wide egg noodles.

Here are the steps on how to make the chicken noodle soup:

  1. As the early step, collect all the ingredients for your Panera noodle soup by dicing the onion, mincing the garlic, chopping the carrots, celery and parsley.
  2. In medium heat, melt the butter and add the carrots, celery and onions. Cook about 6 minutes until the onion is tender and turning to golden brown.
  3. Add the garlic while stirring until the mixture is fragrant. While stirring, you may bloom the spices for a minute.
  4. Deglaze the cup using a wooden turner and add the chicken broth.
  5. Put the rest of the sodium chicken broth. Cover, boil and simmer. Taste the soup and add the black pepper, salt, onion powder and turmeric. Don’t forget to stir well.
  6. Add the chicken breast in the broth, close the cup’s lid and simmer for 20 minutes. Use temperature 165 degrees F.
  7. Cool the meat for 10 minutes and cut it into small pieces. Add it back to the soup. Manage the seasoning.
  8. Cook the noodles in salted water based on the package directions. Drain and toss them with olive oil in order that they are not sticking. Take the soup out of the heat and stir in the chopped parsley.
  9. For serving, put the noodles a half way into the cup and ladle the Panera soup on top. Optionally, you can serve with fresh bread, fresh fruit or side salad.
  10. Serve when hot.

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Final Words

Finally, you can always refer to our Panera Chicken Noodle Soup review whenever you want to cook the Panera chicken noodle soup. According to our review, it is clear that the noodle suits your busy schedule. You can take and make it easily and quickly to enjoy with friends.