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Bobo Menu

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Bobo Appetizers

crispy pork spring rolls - lime soy sauce, 7
crispy vegetable spring rolls - honey chili sauce, 7
asian barbequed spare ribs, 9
chicken summer rolls - hot & sour peanut sauce, 7
seared vegetable potstickers - sesame soy sauce, 7
seared salt shrimp - mango yogurt sauce, 8

Bobo St. Louis Salads

mixed greens with mango and ginger vinaigrette, 8
chicken salad with greens, glass noodles and hot & sour dressing, 10
grilled salmon fillet salmon over greens with sesame vinaigrette, 11
banh mi with curry chicken and peanut sauce, 10
banh mi with vietnamese meatballs and sriracha aioli, 10

soup bobo

beef meatballs, bok choy and rice noodles, 11
chicken, eggplant, green curry and rice noodles, 11
vegetable dumplings, shitake mushrooms and tofu, 10

Bobo Noodlehouse Wok/Grill

lemongrass beef with spicy cucumbers & chilled sesame noodles, 11
beef & green beans with udon noodles and peanuts, 12
ginger pork with gai-lan and egg noodles, 12
grilled salmon fillet with egg noodles and bok choy, 13
mussels with coconut curry, scallions and egg noodles, 13
vegetable udon - wok seared vegetables and udon noodles, 11
vegetable pad thai with tofu, rice noodles and peanuts, 11
honey ginger duck with soba noodles and hoisin sauce, 14
grilled curried chicken with peanut sauce and egg noodles, 12
cashew chicken with pineapple on crispy noodles, 12

STL sides

chilled sesame noodles with herbs and peanuts, 7
fried green beans with peanuts, 7
spicy cucumber salad, 7
mango salad, 7
steamed edamame, 7

Bobo Desserts

chocolate drizzled coconut macaroon, 1
scoop of vanilla ice cream, 1

Serving beer, wine, sake, soft drinks, tea, and thai coffee.